Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have you discovered OROWEAT Sandwich Thins?

I LOVE this bread!
100 calories
5 grams of fiber
1 gram of fat
choices of multi-grain, whole-wheat or honey-wheat (YUMM-O!)
but most of all.....


I grabbed a package of these sandwich thins at the store on a whim because they just looked delicious.   I thought they would be perfect for tuna or egg salad sandwiches.     I was right AND wrong.    They are not only delicious for those things, but so much more!    

Hubs toasted these and put ham and cheese on them.    Oh my heavens!!

Put these bad boys in a panini machine and you will think you have found sandwich perfection!

Have I mentioned that I am not being endorsed by the OROWEAT company to tell you about these sandwich thins?     However, if they wanted to send me a coupon for a FREE package I would NOT turn them down.     



The Japanese Redneck said...

I haven't seen them yet. Thanks for the heads up. Will definately grab a pack when I find them.

My Dr.'s evil nurse gave me the "speech" from him yesterday when she called with my bloodwork.

lose weight, eat no sugar, diet and exercise - before she said it I started to ask her if she wanted me to tell her what he wanted her to say......

Taylor & Krisa said...

ok...I've been eyeing these. This will be the push that makes me put them in my basket!

Carrie said...

Pull them apart, spread a little pizza sauce on them, top with your favorite pizza toppings and cheese and toast (I have a toaster oven) or broil for a few minutes and TA-DAAAAAAA!! Mini pizzas!!

Carrie said...

Did I mention that these are a requirement in our house. I start to hyperventilate when I have only a few left! I buy them at Sam's in the multi-pack. I discovered them while on Weight Watchers and adore them!

Deanna said...

No way! They have them at SAMS. I am going to be checking ours to see if they have them because we are addicted. Just love these things.

Tammy said...

My kids LOVE this bread! My son will only eat the "blue kind". But I love all the flavors. We've made little pizzas with them too!

Crystal said...

I just saw today that House Party is accepting applications for people to do a Orowet Sandwich Thins party. You should apply to do it! Here's a link:

Garret said...

I love surfing these cooking blogs! Just bookmarked your site. Thanks for this bread!

We will love it!

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