Friday, October 14, 2011

Early Menus

So far finding things to eat has been a challenge, but I have found a few things to add to my daily menus.   Don't get too excited while you are reading.

Breakfast Options
steel cut oatmeal with 1 pat of butter and pecans
well cooked eggs, grits with butter and two strips crisp bacon
grapefruit and almond milk
apple with cashew butter

Lunch Options
rice cake with cashew butter
wrap made of romaine lettuce leaf with tuna or turkey with veggies
hamburger patty with lettuce and tomato
hard boiled eggs and carrot sticks
tuna with hard boiled eggs
veggie soup with rice cakes
some type of salad with lots of veggies and nuts

Supper Options
meat and veggie

Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water. Water.

This is why I am on the HUNT for more recipes!!

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