Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

As much as I enjoy cooking, I don't like to be in the kitchen every day.     To have to get in there takes the joy out of it for me and on some days with my muscle disease it just isn't possible.     I like to cook our week's worth of meals on Saturday.    It gives me a tremendous peace of mind to know that our meals are cooked and no matter how I am feeling that my boys will be fed.

Options:   cold cereal and milk,  bacon, egg, cheese breakfast burritos (in the freezer),  pancakes (in the freezer),  breakfast cookies

Monday - roast, redneck potatoes, green beans and whole wheat dinner rolls
Tuesday - chicken and dumplings and fruit salad
Wednesday - bbq beef sandwiches, potato chips and spinach salad
Thursday - ravioli with marinara sauce and garlic toast
Friday - leftover night
Saturday -homemade deep dish pizza
Sunday - poppyseed chicken, rice, crockpot corn, salad, homemade biscuits


Dr. Wifey said...

could you please start posting your menu every week so i can just copy it? LOL ;p

Deanna said...

I am really hoping that posting my menu every Monday is going to help me in my effort to be more organized with my shopping and cooking. So far I have cut my grocery bill down quite a bit. Any money saved will help!!

MASpell said...

You're inspiring!! I love to look at everyone's menu and I talk about cooking and freezing all the time and just never seem to do it. Love to learn about it!!

From the Doghouse said...

Friday sounds like the best night!

Deanna said...

I love Friday night too, Doghouse! It my official "night off!"

MA - I started really slow with this whole "plan". When I first started I would cook huge batches of one thing (like spaghetti sauce or browning ground beef) to make meals easier. Eventually I began to make plans that worked for me. You can read books, but I think it really boils down to doing what works for you and your family!

Deanna said...

Angela, I am sure you could cut this recipe down pretty easily or even freeze what you didn't use. I generally only prepare this for Sunday dinners when we invite family over to help us eat it, but my boys love it so much that they don't mind eating it several days in a row with meals.

Taylor & Krisa said...

Yum...can we come eat at your house all week?